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Baby Carriers and Slings

A baby carrier offers an easy way to keep your child close and comforted while freeing your hands to do other things. Whether you’re busy with odd jobs around the house or out running errands, a baby carrier can come in handy. Soft baby carriers let you “wear” your baby by strapping him to your body. Since babies love to be held close, many enjoy this cosy arrangement, and for some it might even ease their fussiness. With some baby carriers, you may be able to position your baby so you can discreetly breast-feed as well.

With Netbaby’s range of baby carriers & slings, including the Ergo baby Carrier, Chelino Baby Carrier, Baby Sense baby slings and the Babymoov Anatomical Baby Carrier you’ll be well equipped to travel with your baby in complete close comfort wherever you go. Babies love being held, but even the most dedicated parent will find their arms need a break at some point. Baby carriers and baby slings are very useful and should always be kept in your baby bag or car. Tote your tot into one of these smart carriers and you’ll be hands-free, but still close enough for a quick snuggle.