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Baby Rocker Chairs and Bouncers

A baby bouncer is the modern parent’s take of the old “car-seat-on-the-washing-machine” method. The baby bouncer or baby rocker chair notion is rather quite simple really. A comfortable padded seat cradles the baby on a flexible, metal frame and turns the movement of the baby into a fun and soothing bouncing or rocking motion.

A baby bouncer or baby rocker chair may have a variety of bells and whistles intended to soothe and/or stimulate your precious little one. Some baby bouncers can even simulate a soothing ride in a car! Most baby bouncers are battery powered and provide a continuous gentle rocking movement. A typical battery operated baby bouncer has several melodies to choose from, volume controls and settings.

Baby rocker chairs are great for little power naps and it’s so easy to put your little one in and know that they will be safe while you are cooking, cleaning up or relaxing. Most baby rockers have a fully adjustable seat for both sitting & napping and are portable enough to move around easily.

While some babies succumb straight-away to the soothing sounds and sleep in their baby bouncer, other babies prefer to enjoy the stimulating features that many bouncers provide. Many have toy bars that attach to the front of the seat or hang suspended over the top. Choose a bouncer or baby rocker chair from Netbaby’s extensive range and enjoy the magic it creates while you taking a bite to eat or having a shower.