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Baby Swing Chairs

Buy baby swing chairs from leading manufacturers like Chelino and Fisher Price at Netbaby and keep your little ones amused and entertained. Baby swing chairs are the perfect baby products for all mothers to have.

Baby swing chairs provides mom with the freedom & versatility of tending to baby’s bottle whilst baby is safe and secure and happy in his or her swing. It is known that a mothers touch can never be substituted by any product/device, however, the rocking motion of the swing chair simulates the feeling of the baby being in the mother’s womb whilst giving the baby the assurance that mom’s close by.

Netbaby has the widest range of baby swings to suit both mother and baby’s needs. We provide mothers with a lovely range of baby swings that specifies the weight allowances for each swing and includes features such as; different motions/speed settings, reclining features, carry handles, 3-5 point harnesses and you’ll be happy to note that most products are battery operated.

Babies are attracted to colour, comfort, association and music. We stock a variety of baby swing brands in various colour schemes with music features (lullaby ring-tones) that would be appealing to both baby and mom.