Baby Walkers & Walking Rings

Baby walkers can be used for babies between four and 16 months old. Many parents swear by the usefulness of baby walkers and walking rings. Used properly and carefully, a walking ring can provide a lot of fun for you little busy bee and gives them the ability to be mobile.

Keep your little busy bee active with a baby walker from the wide range of baby walkers and activities systems available to buy online from Netbaby. As your baby grows, so does their curiosity. Allow them to explore their surroundings in a bright and colour baby walking ring or entertainment centre.

Although there is no evidence to suggest that walking rings encourage babies to learn how to walk faster. Instead babies are happy to have some independent movement to explore as they learn to walk and help them develop balance and coordination skills to master walking.

As an alternative to walking rings, parents may opt for a parent-assisted baby walker. Unlike a traditional baby walker these requires full parental assistance at all times.