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Baby Cots and Camp Cots

A baby camp cot, or referred to as a travel cot can provide benefits to the child. Regular use of a camp cots means that a baby will become used to a sleeping environment outside the usual baby cot which means that they are more likely to go to sleep quicker when they are travelling and sleep for longer and more soundly when they have gone to sleep.

Many parents today are using the camp cot as standard baby cots, eliminating the need for traditional wooden baby cots. Having a portable baby cot next to your bed for the first couple of weeks is the preferred choice for new moms and dads. Baby Camp cots have a collapsible frame and removable mattress. They can also be used as a playpen when baby is a little older.

The baby camp cot is usually lightweight, therefore making them easier to pack up and transport. Most cots come with a bassinet, which is suited for smaller babies. Once baby is able to support themselves, parents can remove the bassinet from the camp cot. With additional features on the baby cots, there are fascinating additions like lights and music, vibration and storage pouches. Camp cots and bassinets and other baby cots from your leading Manufacturer’s like Baby Bjorn, Chelino, Grobaby and Safety First.