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Swimming Safety

The most important phrase in protecting children from drowning accidents and pools is to be prepared. The number of children who die every year,  from drowning and swimming pools or other waters is astounding. It only takes a few seconds for a young child to drown in a swimming pool. Being prepared means taking the steps necessary as much as possible to ensure that does not happen. The first item is to have more than one safety system in place. In other words one method is not enough.Although a child should not be left alone in a swimming pool, polyotter baby swimsuits, arm bands, goggles and water wings for toddlers, are just a few of the baby safety products that Netbaby supply that will  give you a slight peace of mind.Choose from our large range of Polyotter swimwear, float suits and floatation accessories and watch your water baby learn to swim with confidence!

Whether you are having fun at home in your swimming pool or spending a day at the beach, taking basic safety precautions can assure that everyone has a safe time in the water this summer – remember safety comes first.

  • Swim where there is a lifeguard (or responsible parent) on duty
  • Small doesn’t equal safe – small hot tubs can be as dangerous as big pools
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Have a first-aid kit on hand
  • Keep it mellow – Set boundaries