Baby Stuff

It’s what we know, love and do well. It’s our bag, our thing, our baby.

Glorious Technicolour, Colour’s where you find us. Not black white or negative. We believe having a baby is a celebration. We are not plain pushchair people.

Seize the Day, Have wheels, will travel. We love playing out. We are on a FUNdamental mission to boldy go where no pushchair has gone before, (or scooter, or skateboard, or bike or surfboard or soap-box go cart…) All work and no play makes for a dull pushchair.

Curiosity Created Cosatto, We are curious. We love ideas. We will never stop learning. Cosatto curiosity cogs keep turning. We’re wandering in awe at the world around us.

Quirky, We have a bright young design team of style navigators. Only the freshest talent makes the Cosatto cut. These artistic adventurers zoom the zeitgeist distilling it into our designs. Much imitated never bettered.

Evolution, Survival of the brightest. We’re constantly developing our products. We don’t sleep on our stuff (even though it’s the snuggest in the land). We’re wide awake- listening to you, watching the world and honing our happy stuff. Without you we’re nowt.

Cheeky Northern Buggies, Pleased to meet you. We are from the rainy city. We invented the raincover. We’ve got puddle pride.

Responsibility, We try to do the best we can. We are committed to sustainability and improving nonsensical business methods. We are working on reducing our carbon footprint and global humanitarian initiatives. We’re not ostriches.

Friendly Folk, Tired of talk to the hand? Same here. We don’t do us and them. We believe in community. Ring us and interact with a real human. Visit us and there are biscuits. Mum taught us good manners.

Dare to be Different, Ditch the drab. Life’s too short for dull stuff. We throw down our polka dot, contrast striped, colourtastic gauntlet. They’re only young once. It’s not a rehearsal. There is only one Cosatto.

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