BabySense Burp Cloth – Blue

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Baby Sense Burp Cloth, the super absorbent Burp Cloth.

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Baby Sense Burp Cloth Blue

After a feed, burp baby for a period of time to encourage a wind to be brought up. Sometimes a burp will pose no problem and come up quickly, at other times, babies will not burp at all. Some babies posit and bring up milk curds with the burp, others don’t.

Shoulder burp:

This position is the most popular. Place the Baby Sense® Burp cloth over your shoulder. Hold baby against your shoulder with his tummy against your chest. Rub or pat baby’s back firmly.

Sitting burp:

If the shoulder burp position fails, try the sitting position, on your lap. Hold the burp cloth over your hand and put your covered hand under your baby’s chin, against his chest. Pat his back and rub until the burp emerges.



It is common in the early days for babies to posit after meals. To preserve clothes from the stain and smell of milk curds, the super absorbent Baby Sense® Burp Cloth is the perfect solution.


The Baby Sense® Burp cloth is a small handy shape, perfect for mom’s shoulder but conveniently sized to fit into a bag or pocket.

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