FLO Baby Saline + 15ml Drops:The natural solution for a baby’s blocked nose

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The natural solution for a baby’s blocked nose

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Flo Baby Saline drops are particularly designed for babies from new-born can be used as often as necessary (particularly before feeding and sleeping) to thin out mucus, to clear baby’s nose and wash away allergens. Researchers found that it is better to a more natural, physiological solution like ringers in a baby’s nose instead of 0.9% saline. This is what the Flo range contains ringers which has extra minerals required for a baby’s nose to function well. In addition, Flo Baby is gentle with no stinging and burning, contains no preservatives and delivers a gentle mist.  Flo baby is a metered spray , which means no wastage and makes Flo baby very cost-effective at 100+ sprays per bottle.

Flo baby also has the practical advantage for a parent that, because of its advanced pump technology, the spray can be used at any angle – even upside down there for the baby need not be held in an upright position when using Flo baby nasal spray or drops. Can be used as often as needed, even in new born babies , esp. before feeding and sleeping.

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