Philips Avent Customisable Learning Spoon (6m+)

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Customisable Learning Spoon

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Philips AVENT AVENT Customizable learning spoon 6m+ SCF722/00 Encourages eating through fun learning Helps your child develop self-feeding skills The Philips AVENT customizable learning spoon is specially designed to help your child learn how to self-feed. It has a bendable handle and tip that you could customize according to your child’s grip and developmental needs as he/she grows. Philips Avent Customisable learning spoon • Baby’s first self-feeding spoon Specially designed for learning to self-feed • Customisable handle and spoon tip • Perfect for little hands – ideal for self-feeding • Non-slip handles – easy grip, rest on bowl without sliding • Deep scoop spoon Easy to clean • Easy-clean and dishwasher safe. HO.14CM;LO.23CM;WO.12CM;KG.1.0

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