Philips Avent Glass Bottle – 240ml – Sleeve

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Glass Bottle – 240ml – Sleeve

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Philips AVENT Glass bottle sleeve 240ml/8oz SCF676/01 Insulates and protects Keeps liquids warm or cool The Philips AVENT glass bottle sleeve is ideal for protecting your glass feeding bottles and is specially designed to keep liquids either warm or cool. Due to the convenient opening, you can easily read the scale. Keep liquids warm or cool • Insulating material keeps feed warm or cool Protect your glass bottles • Shock resistant material Know when baby is done feeding • Easily read the scale of the glass bottle Other benefits • Washable at 40° Celcius • Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certified – safe for baby • Fits 8oz/260ml Philips AVENT Natural glass bottles • Available in vanilla/grey and blue/vanilla, H0.160 L0.090 W0.030 Kg0.0500

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