Questions Every New Mom Asks

Questions Every New Mom Asks

Let’s face it, no matter how many books we read or how much advice we receive we are never prepared for bringing home that tiny little human that is fully dependent on us. No one ever told me that I would be spending countless sleepless nights trying to figure out how to rub out those extremely annoying winds and how emotional I would be, honestly, I have no idea how hubby put up with me. With my emotions overflowing due to a combination of sleep de-provision, confusion, stress, and hormones it seemed as if I was bipolar, I could be laughing one moment and crying the next for no reason at all.

But enough about that, let’s focus on the questions that I mostly found myself asking, and I am sure you would agree that these are the 9 top questions asked by new moms:

Nursing a Newborn Every 3 Hours

Yes, you need to nurse your baby every 3 hours after you return from the hospital. Even if the baby spends 2 hours on the breast you need to feed him in an hour (which would be counted as 3 hours) but not to worry as time goes by your breast milk will become more and baby will spend much less time on your breast and this means more sleep for mommy! (sleep you need right now! Remember to sleep when baby sleeps)

Can a Newborn Truly Have Their Days and Nights Mixed Up?

This happens, and when this happens you can easily get your days and nights switched up as well. Not the best idea if you have to return to work. Fortunately, this is easily fixed, during the day speak in a chipper voice and try and take the baby out into the sunlight, get active and enjoy the bonding experience. At night dim the lights, speak softly and be gentle.

Waking a Sleeping Baby

Many people will tell you not to wake a sleeping baby and that it’s “bad” for them, when in fact in most cases it is beneficial to wake your baby for feeds and to keep them in a routine. A routine is always best for your little one.

Do I really have to sterilize the baby bottles before EVERY use?

No, it’s not necessary to sterilise it each and every time, however, you should sterilise it every once in a while, especially when your baby is sick, furthermore, a warm soapy water wash will suffice.

Am I spoiling my baby by holding him too much?

Babies are meant to be held, they are adorably soft and cuddly, who would be able to resist? Hold your baby as much as your heart desires, although there is a negative side to it. Babies that are held or rocked to sleep tend to find it more difficult to fall asleep on their own. It is best to put the baby in his crib when he is drowsy, but not yet asleep, allow him to lay on his back and self-sooth.

When will my babies umbilical cord fall off?

Anywhere from two days to two weeks depending on how frequently you clean it, if you are hasty it is recommended that you clean it twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening using a cotton pad or cotton bud generously dipped in surgical spirits.

How do I know if there is no more wind?

Usually, when your baby becomes fussy after- or during a feeding session it is due to a wind, there are a few ways to see if this is the problem:

  • If the top of your baby’s lip is “gray”, it will be a little faded in color usually a good indicator of a wind,
  • If your baby’s tongue is lifted against their pallet this could also be a good indication that they are struggling with a wind.

To make it easier to bring out these winds for your baby, try feeding them a few minutes at a time, pausing every few minutes to gently rub your babies back (starting from the bottom to the top or in circular motions) will stop the wind from becoming blocked by milk and therefore stop the baby from bringing up the milk when the wind comes out. If your baby has terrible issues with winds there are a few things that are recommended to help ease your baby, the first is called “Tellemint drops” you can find this in a chemist or at your local convenient store. These drops are inexpensive, smell a little bit like banana and you simply add a few drops to each bottle. The second thing I would like to recommend to you is a new product, it may sound strange but it works wonders. The Windi Gas Passer

Constipated Baby

Babies often become constipated when they are introduced to formula milk or new foods, this is completely normal but can be quite a stressful situation for mommy and baby. This is easily taken care of with a baby-glycerin suppository that you can purchase from any pharmacy. I used to cut mine in half as it’s not necessary to use a whole one.

When can I take my baby outdoors?

It is highly recommended to avoid crowds until they are at least 3 months old as your baby can pick up some harmful germs, also if your friends wish to hold your baby, request that they first wash their hands and under no circumstances should they kiss your baby on the mouth. You shouldn’t allow people with contagious illnesses around your newborn.

The thing you have to remind yourself is that you are doing the best you can, things that used to be so simple has now become more of a struggle. An hour relaxing candle lit bubble bath has now become a 5-minute shower, silky smooth legs have now become a quick shave to the exposed parts of your leg. Sleeping in is no longer possible and you will find yourself spending more time at home, not because you have to but because you want to, not only because it’s easier but also because you want to give your baby everything they deserve and all the love you have.

Questions all new moms ask

Enjoy the  time you have with your precious baby because it’s true what they say, “they grow up way too fast”