The Big Countdown

The nine month countdown; spending endless hours preparing for every trivial detail, from the babies first pair of shoes to important matters like deciding whether to breastfeed or not.

It’s doing one of the most significant things known to mankind; adding one more life to this earth, one that you will be responsible for your whole life (not to be too dramatic), however, it is a BIG DEAL, and naturally you may feel like you’re never completely prepared, because you’re human at the end of they day.

Advice: (none of us ever are) you’ve got this SUPER MAMMA!

3 Frequent Fears from a New Mamma

– Should I breastfeed or use formula?

This is a sensitive topic. For many women out there breast feeding is not an option and that’s totally okay! Let me assure you, it does not make you any less of a mother in any way. However, I strongly advise women who can breastfeed to enjoy the experience for as long as possible. It’s one of the most life changing experiences, realizing that you, as a human being, are able to provide everything necessary to sustain this little life in your arms, not to mention the countless number of probiotics and antibodies your milk produces to help protect your baby. It also initiates the great bonding experience between mother and child.

– What do I need to include when packing my hospital bag?

The most exciting and somewhat nerve-wrecking experience is when your term is coming to an end, new moms always wonder if they have everything packed for the arrival of their little bundle of joy.
Honestly, you do not need much, other than a high tolerance for pain and a few necessities such as:

– Newborn nappies

– Babies first outfit for that cute picture and a few other baby-grows

– Cotton Buds/cotton pads and surgical spirits

– Approved baby car seat (ALWAYS)

– Birthing blankets

– Comfortable Clothing (bring your warm fluffy gown – you’ll be living in it!)

– Sanitary pads (for mom)

– Will my baby (or me) sleep during the night?

Known to many as “Night-time anxiety” – Baby separation anxiety is an often unrecognized cause of disturbed sleep. Your child refuses to settle at night or for naps, stops sleeping through the night and often wakes up crying etc. Rest assured (pun intended), it’s completely normal. This is the time you need to relax. It’s the first night back home after giving birth and you are terrified of literally everything that could possibly go wrong. Give yourself the rest you deserve. Trust me, you will need it as your baby will be up in a few hours ready to feed.

“I’m scared I’ll hurt my baby”
“What if I drop my baby”
“What if my baby chokes while feeding”
“What If I give my baby too much medicine”

The list is endless. It’s totally normal to be a bit paranoid about the well-being of your baby. You can give your pediatrician a call if you’re uncertain or just need to hear the words, “Your baby is fine”. There is nothing that they haven’t heard by now. Being a parent is a wonderful experience and I encourage you to enjoy being a mom to a baby who is completely reliant on you because it doesn’t last for too long, so embrace it while it lasts.

Parting thoughts; always put baby in a car seat (not a corner) and if you’re able to, breast is best! All that matters is that you are both healthy and happy!